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TDF2010: Day 7 July 10, 2010

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Yesterday I finished the alpaca spinning.  As promised, here are the rolags I made:


Pretty Rolags

I had some trouble skeining the singles onto the niddy-noddy.  Some places, especially on the wheel spun yarn, were underspun; as I was winding onto the niddy-noddy, I kept getting breaks.  I was doing my best to make “low twist” singles but I suppose I did too good a job in some points.  Kind of frustrating but cest la vie.  I finished the yarn by soaking it in very hot water and agitating it, followed by a dunk in cold water.  Hang to dry and voila. I did some reading up on this method of finishing and it supposed to help strengthen the single.  I still have half a bobbin to skein and finish so no final yardage totals yet.

Hopefully better pictures to come when my camera makes it back to the house and the sun is out.  Not that I’m complaining.  The rain is lovely.

Laceweight Alpaca Singles

Fresh inspiration!  This shawl from the new Knitty is awesome.  I think it would look  amazing in a handspun.  I think my TDF goal just became a little bit more focused.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “TDF2010: Day 7”

  1. Bethe Says:

    Great idea to spin for Coquille and I agree, it’d be fabulous in handspun!

  2. steph Says:

    Very pretty! love the colors.

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